That desi dilemma!

To start with, well this is my first blogging experience.I don’t know exactly how to type it up.Let’s just begin anyway!
Well, always, as a boy we assumed or were taught(that would be a rather appropriate term to coin) that a guy and a girl could never be best of friends! So we grew up like that. Either looking at almost every random girl we used to communicate with a preying attitude(preying cos every other guy thought he was an alpha male , lol) or with a sick ‘just friends’ P.O.V . It took me a good two years of time to realise that in what crap we were stuck in! And a big thanks to all the Bollyfuckinwood mellow drama, as if the teenager shits weren’t enough to mess my already trash filled brain. “Kyuki, ek ladka aur ladki ghanta kbhi dost nhi reh sakte!”
“Hum to sirf ache dost h, we are just friends!”(Tumhaari maa ka saalo…..)Things got complicated even more when I reached high school! There used to be a mental fight, fight of thoughts in my mind! So whom should I propose? Ok its been6days that we know each other so are we just friends or more than that? And all the way my journey continued all the way, while these thoughts continued to grind me! There was The US elections going on, my country suffered some of the most worst losses in terms of life, we won championships, the whole world was doing waka waka, and I was all the while thinking so are these the girls whom i should worry about? PATHETIC! God, have mercy!
So, what next? The school life ended and then started a whole new level of crap, “college”. But there was something about it. Something charming. So I won’t say crap, let’s say a sweet thing which I can’t name exactly(sorry poor in English)! I took admission in this particular college cos of my friend! The best one! Wait, I’m talking about my friend,not the college! Let’s roll a bit ahead! It was one of my bestie’s bday, i met someone, someone who was not at all different from any other girl. She was pretty enough,wore a normal smile. So it began. It began with everyone greeting each other! And as she was new to that particular friend circle of mine, she was introduced to everyone by our mutual friends of course. So what happened next? Nothing actually! It was just, you know, i raises up my right hand till the table level n gently said a hi! And what was the reply? Nothing. Yeah, nothing she ignored and looked up to the next person. Yeah, she ignored me. Well, nothing new i said.Little did I know that this girl who ignored my hi, will get entangled with my life so much that it would be damn hard to let her go! Day by day, nothing happened dramatically! I’ll take you straight to the matter. I don’t remember how we began talking to each other, but I remember what was the first thing she said to me. The first lesson she taught me, “I’ll give you my friendship more than my any other thing” she said,”if you think to sum it up in a relationship,let’s end it right away.”Two years later, she knows everything about me, she teases me more than any other person alive, insults me, holds me together while I’m shattered, and yeah we’re best friends!She taught me like a mentor, she cared for me like a sister, influenced me like a mother, is a friend like no other! She stiod by me and defended me even when her bestie(that too a girl) said that no girl and guy can be friends, at one time they’ll fall for each other. She trusted me more than my parents.Most of the guys say, I’m friendzoned! Why, coz I can’t kiss her, cos she ain’t my girlfriend? I don’t live for a kiss, I don’t live for a girlfriend but for her friendship,for her trust.This thing is too small to say about her, all I know is I got someone who’ll stand beside me and show her middle finger to all thise who say,”ek ladka aur ladki kabhi dost nhi reh sakte”! 😉